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Michael-Ann Rowe Oyster Demo

Welcome to the MAR website!  It’s quite ironic my initials are representative of the sea.

The long and short of it is, I’m an actress who is a seafood expert and educator.  I studied theatre in Atlantic Canada, where I grew up with some of the most sustainable seafood on earth.  As a professional cook, I like to transform ‘responsible’ food into simple, home cooking.
When you combine all three, you get an actress, who is a seafood junkie, who turns her kitchen into a grand stage!
It’s where thoughtful food is shared with anyone who joins me at the counter and much laughter between bites and drooling over my ceviche recipe, is a must!
Next up? The production of, The Fishionista® Channel!
Please take a seat in my theatre and, “Let me entertain you!
Let’s laugh and cook something sea-licious together.

A little more about MAR, if your sipping a cup of coffee or having a good cold brew…
In 1992 I drove to a place called, The Big Apple.  I relished in the streets and scenery and loved the adventure around every corner.  
As a theatre major it goes without saying, I became the ‘starving actor’ with a restaurant job.  I loved it. 
I learned more about culture through New York’s food scene. Fast forward, I was the host of a show called, Entree TV for six years which evolved into a three-part documentary series, and renamed as Off the Beaten Palate.  It was broadcast on PBS which ultimately won the coveted Emmy Award.  My focus was to hit the road, travel to eat, and dig in to find out more about where food comes from.  It was an incredible amount of work and my first big paycheck as a producer, writer and television host!  During the documentary production I realized how much people were, and still are, perplexed about seafood and that is why my brands are focused especially on this food group.  As a keynote speaker and advocate, I have talked about the subject countless times. 
After being in The Big Apple for more than 20 years, growing as an entrepreneur, it made a lot of sense to turn my cross-border relationships into business, by connecting fisherman and farmers to buyers, and buyers to consumers.  My bottom line is connecting to the consumer, and to get the seafood industry to do the same.  
As a spokesperson, producer, writer and connector, all of this comes together.  

My company is called, Off the Beaten Palate Productions derived from my food & travel series, and with brands like, Put Your Best Fish Forward, Sea Sides, and The Fishionista® 
Feel free to contact me for partnerships; speaker engagements, social media campaigns, travel stories, live and virtual events, as well as, inserting your brand into rich, entertaining content.
I’ll meet you at the corner of Sea > Food!


After all, what good kitchen doesn’t have drama?  MAR