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The Wild West, Canada




The Wild West Canada | A preview of my travel show to Alberta, Canada, exploring the east, west, north and south; the big city, the low-lying prairies and the rocky mountains!

The Wild West Canada | Albert has two major cities, Calgary and Edmonton. The rocky mountains, Banff, Lake Louise, and the low-lying prairies.
During the production Off the Beaten Palate. I arrived in Calgary which gave me a central point to travel in all directions.
Furthermore, go west to the breathtaking Banff and Lake Louise, where you’ll find spectacular views of Cascade and Sulfur Mountain.”

“In just eight minutes, you can climb 2,292 ft on a scenic gondola ride to the top.”

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to make a bison benedict (link this) with chef Ralf Wollmann at the Rimrock Resort Hotel, pictured below.

Bison Benedict

To the east, the prairies is where I took a ride on a combine in a canola field. Canola looks like mustard seed!
Traveling south 18km from Calgary, I ventured into Okotoks, a small town surrounded by rolling foothills, also known for it’s “Big Rock”, a glacial erratic.
But I was focused on making a mouth-watering beef-bison meatloaf recipe at Heartland Cafe and Restaurant. (link this)

Beef Bison Meatloaf Burger at Heartland Cafe and Restaurant; Okotoks, Alberta

When in Alberta you must travel to where the source comes from – a Bison Farm! It was in Lancôme, Edmonton where I visited a Bison farm and these beautiful, mysterious, animals in the fields.
Bison meat is incredibly healthy – chock full of iron! They are sensitive animals so pulling up in a truck on the bison field was with much caution not to stir the herd. In Alberta that take great pride in the way they raise their animals and believe in keeping the animal as calm and cool as you’d want them to be. Not to mention a great diet that is the outcome of what is presented on a plate.

Bison Farm in Lancôme, Alberta

“In the Wild West of Canada, just 20km west of Calgary, Joy and Lindsay Ecklund welcomed me to their Angus Cross Cattle Ranch. At ‘LJ Ranch,’ I refreshed my horseback riding skills; furthermore, I learned how to rope a cow and even drove cattle! They raise cows naturally, and as a result, you can work on the ranch for the day. Continuing westward, you’ll find many horse-back riding trails, which are an absolute must when venturing into the hills!”
Watch a preview of my documentary about Alberta.

On Horseback in Canmore, Alberta


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