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National Lobster Day




June 15th AND September 25th have been named, ‘National Lobster Day’. Lobster has to be ranked one of the most sustainable seafoods we have.  Why?  You can find out more at our Lobster 101 events.  To host your own, private Lobster 101 event or to attend my next Lobster shell-a-bration,

National Lobster Day is a celebration of one of the ocean’s most delectable treasures. taking place on both June 15th and September 25th. This special day not only indulges seafood enthusiasts but also emphasizes the sustainability of lobster fishing. Making it a unique occasion that combines culinary delight with environmental awareness.

“One of the most sustainable seafood choices available renowned lobster. This distinction is not merely coincidental; it is a result of responsible fishing practices and strict conservation measures.

Fisheries carefully manage lobster populations to ensure their long-term viability.

Making them a seafood option that conscientious consumers can enjoy with peace of mind.

To delve deeper into the fascinating world of lobsters and the sustainability of this delicacy, consider attending our Lobster 101 events. These educational gatherings provide a platform for learning about the lifecycle of lobsters, their habitat, and the methods employed in their harvesting. Furthermore, it’s a chance to gain insight into the responsible practices that contribute to their sustainability.

If you’re looking to elevate your Lobster Day celebration, you can even host your own private Lobster 101 event. This unique opportunity allows you to share your passion for lobsters with friends and family while deepening your knowledge about these remarkable creatures.

But if you’d rather leave the hosting to the experts, you can also join our next Lobster shell-a-bration. These lively events are a true feast for the senses, featuring exquisite lobster dishes prepared by skilled chefs. It’s a fantastic way to savor the flavors of this delectable seafood while celebrating National Lobster Day in style.

So mark your calendar for June 15th and September 25th, and join us in celebrating National Lobster Day. It’s a day to indulge in culinary delights while appreciating the sustainable practices that ensure lobsters continue to grace our plates for generations to come.

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