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Maison BeauSoleil Oysters in New Brunswick, Canada




Oysters in New Brunswick | Eating oysters here was like eating with the Godfather of oysters! It’s not every day you’re in the elements that kiss the very waters the oysters grow in. So to eat them right off the dock and with Amedee Savoie, the mastermind behind one of the most renowned oyster brands in the world – Maison BeauSoleil, was a true privilege. He may not openly admit to being the master, but his expertise has undoubtedly earned him that title.

Moreover, I take immense pride in sharing that these exquisite oysters hail from my home province, New Brunswick. Our province boasts an array of incredible oysters. That thrive from the southern reaches to the northern tip of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. From Shemogue to Chibooktooks, Village Bay to Maison BeauSoleil, Saint Simon to Lameque, and many more. New Brunswick is a treasure trove of oyster delights waiting to be savored.

“Furthermore, these oysters epitomize the taste of our pristine coastal waters. Additionally, delivering a flavor that’s a testament to the rich marine ecosystem of our region. Moreover, with a history rooted in traditional oyster farming techniques passed down through generations, Maison BeauSoleil has become a globally recognized name, synonymous with quality and excellence.”

New Brunswick’s oyster offerings are as diverse as our landscape. As you traverse our vast province, you’ll discover the subtle nuances in flavor and texture that each region imparts to its oysters. Whether you’re enjoying the briny sweetness of Shemogue oysters in the south or savoring the mineral notes of Lameque oysters in the north, each bite is a unique experience.

Traveling from the southern shores to the tip of the north can be a day-long journey. But it’s one well worth taking for any oyster enthusiast. New Brunswick’s oysters are not just a delicacy; they are a testament to the bountiful gifts of our maritime province. Where the sea meets the land to create culinary treasures that enchant the palate. So, the next time you’re in New Brunswick, embark on an oyster adventure and indulge in the flavors of our coastal paradise.

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