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Purse Seine fishing Sardines in New Brunswick, Canada




Purse Seine fishing Sardines | “It takes a lot of mussel to haul in these nets!

“They haul tons of little fish into a seine and onto the boat with the greatest effort.”

Yes, tons! Furthermore, as I witnessed these men pursing the net closer to the fishing vessel. We were shooting video from, it gave me a complete 360-degree perspective on how they get the sardines all the way from the fishery and into my hands! In other words, I mean the can. Consequently, now I know exactly what a sardine is.

Purse seine fishing is a remarkable method employed by fishermen to capture vast quantities of fish, particularly sardines. This technique involves deploying a massive net, known as a purse seine, in a circular manner around a school of fish.

“They weight the bottom of the net, and they equip the top with floats to create a barrier encircling the fish.”

The process begins with the fishermen locating a school of sardines. Often identified by the presence of diving seabirds and other signs. Once the vessel strategically positions itself after locating the school, it skillfully releases the purse seine net into the water, forming an encompassing wall around the fish. Then, it cinches the bottom of the net closed, creating a “purse” to ensure that the fish cannot escape.

Now comes the physically demanding part – hauling in the net.

The crew carefully draws the net towards the fishing vessel, exerting considerable effort.

It’s a strenuous task that requires synchronized teamwork and sheer muscle power. As the net gradually pulls in, it corrals the sardines, creating a dense aggregation of fish within its confines

“After fully retrieving the net, we transfer the precious catch of sardines onto the boat.”

It’s an awe-inspiring sight to witness the sheer volume of fish amassed during a single purse seine operation.

“Processing facilities will eventually can these sardines, freshly caught from the ocean, preserving their delicious flavor for consumers worldwide.”

Purse seine fishing, though physically demanding, plays a vital role in the global seafood industry, ensuring a steady supply of sardines and other species. It is through this process that the humble sardine transitions from the depths of the sea to the shelves of our grocery stores, ready to grace our plates and provide a taste of the ocean’s bounty. See the recipe of Flash Fried Sardines.

Eating Sardines at Connors Bros Cannery in Black’s Harbor, New Brunswick