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Slicing Like a Grand Symphony of Salmon Portions!




Hello my newfound seafood aficionados!  Gather ’round for a salmon-slicing spectacle that’s sure to reel you in!  Portioning a side of salmon is on deck and trust me, it’s as satisfying as watching a synchronized swim of flavors. 

Portioning a Whole Side of Salmon

Additionally, we’ve got the majestic tail. With its unique shape, the tail is the perfect canvas for crafting salmon tacos that’ll make your taste buds tango. Or grind it into a salmon tartar. TIP: use your cheese grater.”

Salmon slicing | Now, let’s shift our focus to the top loin. The salmon’s confident uppercut. This section boasts the heartiest and fattiest part of the fish, ready to be transformed into succulent fillets that melt in your mouth. Sear it, smoke it, roast it, or poach it! Grilling or pan-searing these fillets turns them into the superheroes of seafood, bursting with flavor and omega-3 goodness.

Last but certainly not least, we have the belly – the belly of the beast, you might say! The most omega’s are here!
Additionally, this section is pure indulgence. Sear it for 2 minutes a side on medium high, make yourself a soy-ginger & lime dip, and you will be smoothly transported to seafood heaven! Moreover, it’s really nice up there. Furthermore, the belly is rich in fat and flavor. Lastly, try transforming it into a luscious spread or a rich gravlax (Link this) that elevates any dish from ordinary to extraordinary.

You can call this the grand symphony of salmon portions, each with its own unique purpose and potential. Additionally, it’s like having a seafood orchestra at your fingertips, ready to perform culinary miracles in your kitchen.
What are you waiting for?  Go buy a side of salmon, and swim with it!


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