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Wet and Dry Scallops. Know the Difference?




Scallops are sold ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’.  We don’t always know this because it’s not so obvious. But once you learn a few facts to identify them, you will be on your way to understanding the difference and choosing the best scallops.
Here’s the skinny on what I’m talking about:
‘Wet’ scallops are treated with ‘STP’; a chemical solution called, sodium tripolyphosphate.
And while your scallops are sitting comfortably in the solution, they are far from being fresh. The ‘solution’ holds them for days after they are caught.
You end up paying more as STP adds water weight (moisture) to the product. BTW: the STP solution is also on shrimp and white fish and a host of other products.
To add more to this selling technique, a wet scallop won’t brown like a Dry scallop. They shrink in the pan, and are almost tasteless. A dry scallop smells as fresh as the sea and can be eaten crudo style out of the shell, they are so sweet.
Probably not the news you wanted to hear, but is the information you need to know.
One of the key indicators to tell the difference is by their color; Dry scallops generally have a natural vanilla color, almost grey and can be pink as well. Wet scallops appear to be a snow-white color. Here is how to sear scallops perfectly every time!

Wet and Dry Scallops