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Dulse. Full of Iron and Vitamins. Our Most Natural Thyroid Medicine!




I don’t leave New Brunswick, Canada, without a bag of dulse in hand! Dulse are loaded with vitamins. I get a boost from the iron and they play a key role for improving thyroid inflammation.

Dulse drying

You can also find them in other regions of North America. But the premium dulse come from Dark Harbor, Grand Manan Island. There is something about the sunlight and water quality in that particular location that makes these dulse superior to any other. When the tsunami hit Japan in 2011 they were left with contaminated water leaving their seaweed products lost at sea. They found out about the superior dulse from Dark Harbor and started buying all of them! The sad part is we pay much more because of this demand. So much for local shares. But for all of these reasons, I stock up with bags of them, share them with friends in New York which I’m thankful for this seaweed as an ‘acquired taste’. All the more for me! I love their nostalgic salty-sweet taste that reminds me of the water I could smell as a child.
Interestingly, their taste changes dramatically when you cook them in a pan, or even in the oven; they turn yellow and are sweeter. This is what Medical Medium shares; “Dulse from the Atlantic ocean is a fantastic food for helping to remove toxic heavy metals, radiation, pesticides, and other toxins from the body. Atlantic dulse is one of the five key foods in the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox.
And this: “The iodine in Atlantic dulse can be very helpful for boosting the immune system. It’s also an antiseptic for the thyroid. Working together with zinc to help stop a viral infection in the thyroid. bringing down thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid) in the process. Sea vegetables such as dulse also help protect the thyroid from radiation’s effects, help remove radiation from the thyroid, and can be a helpful cancer preventative.”
You can eat them crispy like chips, or soft, in which the fun is tearing the strips apart. You can also purchase them ground up into flakes. And use it as a natural alternative to crystal salt- adding it to salads, soups, and dressings, or finishing on a fish dish or crudo.
TIP; ground dulse into flour and you’ve got a gluten-free filler!